About Heart of Hutch

Would You Like to Live Longer and Better?

There’s a movement under way in Hutchinson to help people live longer, healthier lives.

It’s called Heart of Hutch.

Heart of Hutch is a group of people of all ages and backgrounds who want to inspire positive change in habits, behaviors and attitudes across our community.

Get involved.

You have the power to make a difference – by learning more, sharing ideas and pitching in. The time commitment is not a big one. Your involvement can help create lasting change in Hutchinson’s families, schools, churches and workplaces.

The guiding principles are simple:


  • Healthy family dinners
  • Community cooking classes
  • Community gardens
  • More healthy options at restaurants


  • “Walking School Bus” in your neighborhood
  • Wellness programs at local employers
  • Community fitness events


  • Neighborhood park parties
  • Happiness seminars
  • Making Hutchinson a welcoming place to be

Get involved today!

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