12 Pro Tips for Selling Profitably On Facebook

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You have probably heard of the new entrant in e-commerce: f-commerce, which is the use of Facebook to set up and run a thriving online store. Billions of users log in to catch up with friends and trends, but there is also a different category that scrolls through their timeline looking to buy something. Starting a store on Facebook is now the in-thing, and as soon as you have started yours and added products, you need to take extra steps to make the most out of your venture. These pro tips will help you sell effectively on Facebook for maximum profits:

Have an aggressive marketing strategy

Use both Facebook Ads and Sponsored posts to reach out to as many users as possible. Facebook ads and sponsored posts reach thousands of users compared to regular posts that only reach your followers. For a Facebook ad to be effective, make sure it is relevant, offers potential clients a view of your product, has an incentive like 25% off on that day’s sales, and has a call to action. Sponsored posts are more straightforward to set up and are great for making announcements to many people.

Obtain feedback

Feedback is essential for you to improve the efficiency of your business and product quality, but it also helps your clients feel valued. Ask them how their previous experience on your page was, how they liked your product, and what you can do to make it better.

Post intriguing and hilarious content

Everyone loves a good laugh. Facebook is not a selling place; it is a place where people come to relax and have a good time. If all you do is hard-selling, people will tire and eventually avoid your page. To make the most of their attention span, post amusing memes, riddles, and jokes, as well as opinion polls and open-ended questions that will engage your audience. Sales announcements, new blog posts, and other business-related things will quickly bore them.

Promote your Facebook Shop in your physical store

If you have a well-established brick and mortar store, you can use it to draw attention to your page. You can make small fliers with details of your Facebook store and the exclusive discounts that shoppers will enjoy. Again, you can request your return customers to recommend their friends and family.

Customer service

One of the things that your clients will use to gauge your excellence as a business will be the quality of your customer service. Online stores require more reliable customer service than brick and mortar stores because there is no shop attendant to answer their questions. Use Messenger as a customer support channel or your wall to address any issues politely and on time to improve client trust.

Use other social networking sites

Though Facebook is the largest social networking site, there are still many potential customers who prefer other recent social networking sites. Remember to reach out to Pinterest users who mostly are DIY diehards and Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to reach the majority of teens and young adults.

Use incentives and exclusive offers

To have many people like your page, provide exclusive offers like discounts, promo codes, shipping discounts, and sales exclusive to loyal page fans. People like special stuff and they will feel valued and keep coming back for more. Again, on a social network like Facebook, your fans will inform their friends, who will also come and like your page.

Use high-resolution graphics

To make the best impression on your fans, use high-quality images and videos in your promotional content. Ensure that you use a high-quality camera, a well-lit setting with a non-cluttered background. Again, do not use photos and videos with offensive material, calls to action, watermarks and other distracting text. Instead, use captivating, vibrant images that will entice your audience to buy your product rather than flee your page.

Remember also to add videos; not only slideshows of your products but also behind the scenes of how you and your staff make the product your fans love so much. Social media users love videos, and they tend to make a lasting impression on them.

Have a simple product title and an appealing product description

Again, it goes without saying that the right title product description will make you massive sales. For your title, be very brief, only revealing the product make and model. For the description, bring out its unique aspects, how it functions and benefits. Avoid extremely long sentences that are difficult to read, your contact information, HTML and excessive punctuation. Make it brief but appealing and use excellent grammar.

Create a community vibe

This is fundamentally important in helping your fans identify with your page and encourage them to share their experiences. You can do this by posting interesting facts about your hometown or suburb to create synergy between you and the fans living around you. This will work if you are looking to sell mainly to people in your hometown, as visitors from other areas may feel isolated and left out.

Public relations

Facebook is a social site, which means that you can use it to remind your clients of your ‘human’ side. Carry out some corporate responsibility functions like charity work or environmental care, then post images and videos of your experience on your page. Many customers, especially millennials have high regard for companies that give back to society, and positive PR goes a long way in convincing your page visitors of your excellence.

Do not spam your fans

Consistently hitting your fans’ inboxes with promotions will irritate them and cause them to, unlike your page. Again, never compromise your fans’ privacy as they will not only unlike your page but also tarnish your corporate image by leaving a bad review and cause issues with Facebook. Always be respectful of their boundaries.


F-Commerce is only going to grow with time, and to make the most out of it, you will need to take full advantage of the facilities Facebook offers. With hard work and careful consideration of what your followers want to see, your store could grow in leaps and bounds in a matter of months.


by Jennifer C.

by Jennifer C.

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