4 Tips to Increase Sales in Your B2b E-Commerce

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Increasing sales is a primary goal of every b2b entrepreneur. In this essence, they are looking for ways to drive traffic to their sites and enhance customers’ experience. Hence, as a b2b entrepreneur, you need to stand out from them and increase sales. You can look for the best b2b e-commerce platform to enable you to create a site with advanced features to offer the best customers service. Here are tips to increase sales in your b2b e-commerce:

Selling you b2b products through multichannel

B2b e-commerce does not only involve selling on your online store. You can use other recognized channels to reach a massive number of customers. Most of these channels have marketing tools that will bring your products closer to the b2b buyers. Also, they will help you to automatic price your products to avoid overpricing and underpricing. Shopify, in particular, is an excellent multichannel platform that has millions of users. It integrates with Amazon, eBay, And Facebook. With this, you will be sure to get potential customers who can purchase your products at a higher price.

Make use of social media

Social media has millions of users. In this essence, using Facebook to market your products is of great benefit to you. Users can come across your ad and get interested to know more about what you offer. With this, they can visit your store and make purchases. Also, they can share your ad with their friends, and this can drive traffic to your site and increase sales.

Optimize your site to search engines

Simplifying the process o finding your site is crucial as buyers will quickly come across it. You may have a professional website with all the advanced features of offering the best customer service, but without customers to purchase the products, it may lose meaning. In this essence, you need to optimize your site to search engines. By doing this, you can enhance ranking, and b2b buyers will easily find you, and this can lead to an increase in sales.

Provide offers on your site

Everyone loves to shop from a store with offers. Offers will make customers save money and can purchase more products from your store. With this, if you offer free shipping, discounted products, and coupon codes on your site, more customers will choose to purchase from your store over your competitors,’ and you can increase sales and revenue.


Your website conveys a crucial message about you. In this essence, you need to design it in a professional way such that when a customer comes across it, you will convince him/her to make purchases.

Here Are 4 Ways of Setting a Competitive Price in Your B2b E-Commerce

Pricing your products is a vital process you need to take into consideration in you b2b e-commerce. Most buyers purchase products based on price. In this essence, you need to come up with the best price to make customers choose you over your competitors. If you overprice your products, you may lack customers and underpricing them can lead to losses. Due to this, you need to look for ways to set a competitive price and enable buyers to differentiate you from competitors. Here are ways of establishing a competitive price:

Research to see how competitors of the same niche are pricing their products

Coming up with a different price will make customers differentiate you from your competitors. The best way to set a competitive price is to learn your competitors’ price. You can compare the quality of your products and theirs to enable you to set a firm price. If you competitors set a high price for low-quality products, you can set higher for your high-quality products. With this, you will get an opportunity to create your distinctive price.

Know your b2b buyers

Knowing your buyers is crucial as you will get an opportunity to interact with them. With this, you will know what drives them from making a purchase. If quality drives them to buy your products, you can set a higher price. If the price drives them to purchase, you can set a lower price and still get a profit.

Create a professional online store

The way you present and market your store will matter. If your store has a poor design, customers will view your products as of low quality. However, if you present it as a luxury store with value-based services, b2b buyers will be willing to purchase your products at a high price.

In this case, you should select a b2b e-commerce platform that will enable you to create a professional store and offer the best customer service. By doing this, you can easily convince buyers that your products are of high quality and can set a higher price for the products.

Provide offers in your b2b e-commerce

Providing offers in your online store will make b2b buyers purchase products regardless of the price. You can offer free shipping which will enhance their purchasing decision.  With this, you can set a higher price for your products and still get more buyers.


Having a competitive price can drive traffic to your site and increase sales. Hence, you need to implement these 4 ways to enable you to set a price that will make your b2b e-commerce stand out.


by Jennifer C.

by Jennifer C.

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