6 steps to kick start an online life coaching business

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A life coach is a professionally trained person who helps you figure out a life goal. And then pave your way towards it. He or she would teach you how to look at the bigger picture. And also push you on the road to success. Once considered a useless profession, life coaching now is not gaining popularity. Life coaching is an essential part of today’s fast paced life. You can even a small scale life coaching business online. You can earn good money through the business as well. Here are some basic steps to set up your business.

·       Decide on the niche

The first and the foremost step towards your business is to decide your niche. There are many different types that comes under the life coaching umbrella. Some basic niches are business, relationships, wellness and career. These are further divided into many sub categories. Business coaching is divided into leadership, management, corporate, business leadership and many more. Relationship coaching is divided into business relations, family, divorce, couples coaching, and others. Health, differently abled, sports and balance in life coaching are all a part of wellness. Career coaching is for students and graduates.

There are two important reasons as to why you should select your niche. First one being that selling a vague service online can be pretty hard. Generalized services are not really welcomed on the internet. You need to sell a unique product or service so that you can stand out of the crowd. Another reason to select a niche is so that you can train yourself according to it. This step will set the foundation for your business.

·       Name your baby

An online business is like a baby. You need to give attention to it 24 by 7. You need to feed it and nurture it. Naming your business is as essential as any other step. While naming your business always keep two things in mind.

  1. The name should be unique by not very wordy. Use simple words. And make sure that it’s short and compact.
  2. The name should clearly tell what your business is offering. Vague names are very confusing and does not help promote your business. Especially if it is an online business.

After naming your business make sure to buy the domain and copy rights. Always get an insurance in that name for a secure future.

·       Set up the online basics

Some of the most important things for an online business are a domain, a website and a group. Facebook groups hold the up most importance in the world today. Facebook groups help you build an audience and gain trust of the masses.

Set up the online basics

Another important thing is a website. A website can work both as a portfolio and assistant. Build a website that is easy to navigate through. We recommend hiring a professional for this job. People can get more information about your business and all the contact details as well.

Buy a domain. Your domain name should be the same as your business name. This way people can easily find your website and not be confused.

Social media presence is also very important. Keep your accounts updated. Post on them regularly. Use Facebook ads to their full benefit. Also get SEO articles and start a blog so that people can see your credibility.

·       Curate your idea and business model

There are many life coaching business online. What makes you different? What is your unique offer? What are you offering them that the others aren’t? Why should they chose you over others?

Figure out an answer to each one of these questions. And then select your basic idea and your business model. Before selecting your business model make sure to check in with the law of your state. For example if you are based in US. There are six basic types of legal business models.

Some common business models are proprietorship, LLC, partnership and corporation. Each one of them have different legal standings and different laws attached to them.

·       Price your services

If you are good at something never do it for free. There is no shame in pricing your services to what you deem fit. You are putting your energy, soul and time in the business. You should be able to make a living out of it. Life coaching sessions are charged anywhere around $70 to $1000. Know your worth and price your offer. But always remember that your rates should be market competitive.

·       Build a clientele

A business without clients is well nothing. Build your name. And build a trusted clientele. The only way to get clients is to work with them. Remember to be compassionate. And practice empathy so that you can promote the good in this world. Also make the client feel comfortable. Be humble so that people can confide in you comfortably. The comfortable the client will be with you, the more likely he is to come back to you!

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