Random Acts of Kindness

Celebrate Kindness

Hutchinson’s Kindness Celebration Day – A Call to Action

• What: A day to focus on doing for others and practicing kindness
• When: May 1st, 2018
• Where: Throughout the Hutchinson area
• Who: All community members, organizations, churches, and businesses are encouraged to participate

 The concept is to continue to build off of previous kindness-centered activities in Hutchinson, in order to keep momentum.

Background: The Connect Committee initially wanted to revive the Random Acts of Kindness Day that was proclaimed by a group from the Chamber’s Leadership Institute a couple years back.  Since then, the response from our community regarding projects like Reagan’s Kindness Campaign and Bo Young’s Kindness Revolution seems to confirm that this is an initiative worth pursuing.  The great thing about the concept is that in most daily situations, being kind or responding kindly pertains to all ages, backgrounds, and viewpoints. People don’t need to sacrifice their beliefs or stop being passionate of their cause to be kind to each other.


The Kindness Celebration Day on May 1st is meant to follow the pattern of National Night Out – community members are encouraged to plan acts of kindness within their homes, churches, organizations, or businesses that take place on Tuesday, May 1st.

Kindness ideas to brighten someone’s day –

  • smiling

  • paying a compliment

  • giving of personal time to help someone

  • volunteering as a group

  • creating kindness notes

  • writing thank you notes to community helpers

  • making a special effort to welcome customers or visitors all day

  • picking up litter

Heart of Hutch will be promoting more ideas in the coming weeks prior to May 1st.  If your organization is interested in participating and wants to invite community members to join in, please email your plans to the Heart of Hutch Connect Committee at: info@heartofhutch.com.  Questions? Need a little facilitation assistance? Send an email our way.


Spread Kindness

Tell us how you have been touched by kindness or shown kindness to others.





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