Can you sell services with Shopify?

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Shopify has always been associated as the ecommerce platform to sell products online. But did you know that the same portal could be utilized to sell services such as copywriting, teaching, and even accountings?

Yes, Shopify is one of the most popular selling platforms out there due to its affordable pricing plans, ease-of-use, and expert support from its team and community members. However, contrary to the popular belief, the same platform can be used to sell virtual and service-based items as well.

Here are some tips on how you can get started with selling your services from a Shopify store.

Create your Shopify Store

To start, you have to create a Shopify store. The setup process is simple and follows the same procedure for both – physical and service-based listings.

The setup procedure takes hardly 15 minutes and requires the shop owners to select their store’s name, payment methods, and customize the themes, besides other functionality.

How to sell services as products on Shopify

The most convenient way to sell services on Shopify is to add them as products. Its product management tool allows the shopkeepers to add description along with images and pricing detail for each product. Instead of the physical good, simply write the services you are offering.

However, we recommend adding a lot of thorough details regarding your services along with an eye-catching image to attract the audience. It is also a good idea to optimize your listings for SEO so they rank higher in search engine results.

Set up advanced options

Shopify has a Variants and Options tool that can be used to set up advanced options for the product listing. This feature is helpful for the sellers who are advertising their services as it allows the interested buyers to schedule appointments. It also comes with inventory-control features where service-sellers can limit the number of people who sign up for their services.

Additionally, the same feature can also allow users to select from different options with the specific service. For example, a 1-hour session will be priced at $50, while a 90-minute could be around $65. This way the seller can offer the consumers tiered pricing options that they can select based on their convenience.


You can also automate some features to your sellers through the Variants and Options tool available on Shopify. For example, if you wish to send out emails to each member who signs up for your service, an e-mail software can be integrated to your e-commerce portal easily.

Google Forms can also be integrated on the Shopify portal, which will allow you to collect user’s information and even keep them as records for future use.

Are there any limitations?

Shopify is primarily a product commerce platform and users who are interested in using it to sell their services might find some restrictions. For example, the user who buys the service from his or her account is unable to purchase the same for their family members and friends – as they can do for physical products.

Moreover, the buyer cannot cancel the order on whim. If he or she intends to cancel the service they purchase from you, they would have to contact you and request the cancellation. The manual cancellation will also ‘return’ the product back to your inventory and open up the spot for other buyers. Of course, this may not be a limitation, but a blessing in disguise for many shop owners as the buyer will not be able to play the cancel the order anytime he or she wants to.

Scheduling will also be a challenge with Shopify ecommerce platform, especially if you are taking registrations for long periods of time. It should also be remembered that as a seller, you can only receive payment and schedule a tentative time/day for the service. However, you would have to call the customer yourself to finalize the time and other formalities.

Shopify Pricing Plan

A basic plan for Shopify starts at around $29 per month, which includes 2 staff accounts, unlimited storage space, product listings, customer support, a free SSL certificate and many other features. The basic account is the most ideal package for beginners and offers everything they need to get their business up and running in no time.

The ecommerce platform also has advanced packages as well for the experienced online sellers that includes advanced analytical tools and low credit card rates. However, the plan you choose solely depends on the type of business you are planning to conduct and the experience you have with an ecommerce setup.

Final thoughts

Undoubtedly, Shopify is a great platform for ecommerce – regardless of the product you are planning to sell. The platform boasts millions of users  and if you are also considering the same for your ‘services’, then hesitate no more and log on to Shopify to get the registration underway. Good luck!

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by Jennifer C.

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