Commuting 101

Commuting by bike or foot- whether to the grocery store, a park, or work is a great way to increase your activity and decrease your carbon foot print.  Here are a few simple tips from an avid commuter.

Following these simple tips makes commuting fun and easy.
1)  Plan your route ahead of time.  Know how long it will take you to reach your destination.  That way you will not feel rushed the first time you commute to work via foot or bike.
2)  If on foot, wear a back pack. If on bike, use a pannier bag that attaches to the rack on your bike or wear a messenger bag.
3)  Dress appropriate for the weather.
4)  Safety first.  If biking, wear a helmet.  Always wear reflective clothing when it is dawn, dusk, or night.
5)  Wear comfortable shoes- you can always bring a different pair with you, and change at work, or leave a pair there.
6)   If you bike, make sure you know where you can leave your bike.  Bring a lock and use it!
7)  Have kids you take to or pick up from daycare?  Have them bike or walk with you.  Too young?  Use a trailer or stroller.
8)  Afraid of getting too sweaty?  Remember, commuting to work does not mean that you bike or walk as fast as possible.  Ride or walk at a pace that you do not build up a sweat.
9)  Live out of town?  Drive to Hutchinson with your bike in or on your car, and intentionally park a few miles from work.  Then bike or walk from where you left your car to your worksite.
10)  Encourage your worksite to participate in Heart of Hutch’s June worksite wellness challenge:  Commuting to and from work.  Want to know more about the challenge?  Email

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