Connect Wholeheartedly – Building Social Connections for a Stronger, Healthier Community

Nothing beats connecting with other people face-to-face to build stronger relationships – whether it is connecting with your own family at dinnertime or our greater community at an event or outing. Heart of Hutch believes that bringing people together helps to make great things happen.

Some of the Heart of Hutch “Connect Wholeheartedly” Initiatives include:

  • Connecting Families at Dinnertime – It can be easy to eat and run with a busy family. But sharing a family meal together provides an opportunity to connect daily with the people who mean the most to you.
  • Neighborhood Parties – Heart of Hutch is a supporter of National Night Out and other neighborhood park parties that provide opportunities to connect with others in the community and promote a safe and united neighborhood.
  • Gathering People with Shared Interests – The shared interests between us create new reasons to connect. One way that Heart of Hutch uses shared interests to connect people is through a community book read.
  • Promoting all Hutch Community Events – Hutchinson, MN has a wealth of community events for people to come together and stay connected. Heart of Hutch is happy to support and promote all the events that bring people together to connect wholeheartedly.

Building stronger connections with the people in our communities will help the Hutchinson community to be stronger and healthier overall. How will you connect with your community today?

Are you interested in supporting Heart of Hutch in the goal of “Connecting Wholeheartedly”? There are many ways to get involved!


Heart of Hutch

Heart of Hutch