Eat Smart – Making Healthy Eating the Easy Choice

eat-smart_hohEating smart is a lifestyle choice that your whole family can practice together. Heart of Hutch will be with you every step of the way by offering healthy recipes, cooking classes, and community resources.

Some of the Heart of Hutch “Eat Smart” Initiatives include:

  • Gardening and Community Gardens – To make it easier for people in our area to have access to fresh produce, Heart of Hutch encourages the community to buy produce from the local farmer’s market and to try gardening themselves. Heart of Hutch offers classes on gardening and is working to expand the community garden space to meet the growing need.
  • Healthy Choices at Restaurants – Going out to eat at a local restaurant is a great way to connect with others, but healthier menu options at local Hutchinson restaurants is important too. Heart of Hutch is working with local restaurants to provide healthier menu options.
  • Food Tastings at Farmer’s Market – The local Farmer’s market is not just for shopping! Each month, you can try a new vegetable or recipe with Heart of Hutch’s food tastings and food demonstrations. It is a great way to try new healthy foods and get recipe ideas!
  • Recipes and Cooking Classes – Learn how to cook healthy meals through our community cooking classes and online recipes! You may just find your new favorite meal!

Make healthy eating the easy choice for your family by incorporating it into your everyday routine. How will you start eating healthier today?

Are you interested in supporting Heart of Hutch in the goal of “Eating Smart”? There are many ways to get involved!

Heart of Hutch

Heart of Hutch