How to become a life coach in Canada?

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Coaching falls under a broad spectrum. It’s a difficult yet rewarding profession. It’s a profession that helps others in facing challenges and issues through a healthy approach. Different issues require different professionals. Every life coach is different and has different methods of approaching any problem. Every coach has the capacity to cater to their client’s needs and issues whenever needed. They are trained differently in every niche under coaching. Strength, communication, ethics, psychology are some aspects every coach needs to excel in. Many life coaches in Canada are formally trained and certified to improve their credentials and credibility. Life coaching in Canada is a profession that is quite encouraged.

The responsibility of any life coach is to provide proper guidance and help to others in growing professionally and personally. Combating issues like anxiety, depression, unhealthy lifestyle, financial instability are just some of the issues life coaches are experts in solving. This profession has become so popular nowadays as people need professional help to figure out the right path. Many life coaches boost their credentials by getting certified and providing their services and expertise through registered businesses. The market is flourishing with this kind of work as there is a lot of potentials now more than ever. Every coach is specialized in different niches. One might help you live a healthier lifestyle, while the other can help you fix relationships. A different issue is dealt with by different coaches. The first step is to figure out the kind of coach you want to be. The different type of life coaching are:

  • Business coaching: This coaching is suitable for those who want to boost their business and become excellent at what they do. In short, they want to be an asset to their company. A business coach assists in boosting their client’s self-confidence in accomplishing goals at work.
  • Financial coaching: Financial instability is an issue for many. This kind of coach helps you with budgeting and saving money. They guide you to make better choices financially
  • Career coaching: A career coach will help you in choosing career options, finding your passion and boosting your resume.
  • Relationship coaching: A relationship coach will help you cover any personal relationship issues that arise in your life either through dating, divorce, marriage, etc.
  • Health coaching: A health coach leads you into making healthier life choices. They help you make the right choices regarding our body, your weight, your weight, your lifestyle, etc.
  • Recovering coaching: This coach helps others recover from any type of addiction. If sober, they help you in staying sober. If not, they will help you get better and live a clean life.
  • Sports coaching: A Sports coach will help you achieve your goals in sports, physically and mentally. Your mental and physical wellbeing is a priority for a sports coach. They will help you reach your maximum potential in any type of sports.
  • Wellness coaching: This coach will help you face anxiety, depression, stress, and pressure in a healthy way.

Training in Canada

Once you’ve decided what type of coach you want to be, you can move on to training! Many companies in Canada offer online training as well as live training. Certified Coaches Federation (CCF), is an organization that is internationally recognized as offers courses in many cities like Toronto, Sudbury Vancouver, Calgary, and Kingston. This is a two-day program that costs around 970$ to 1200$. In this two day program you will discover business strategies, implementations and expertise skills required for coaching. The CCF also offers a certified Master’s program that teaches a more advanced course and is more inclined towards business and marketing.  Being trained to be mentally, emotionally and physically strong enough to help others dealing with their issues is a challenging task. Communication skills and effective principles of psychology are very important.

Training in Canada

Certification in Canada

In Canada you don’t need to have a license to operate your business as a life coach. But most life coaches are required to get proper training from training institutes to get certified further. CCF offers a lot of certifications. Eery certification requires you to complete its training first. Rhodes Wellness College, an internationally recognized training company offers a certificate program from new life coaches. This certificate is the International Coaching Association (ICA) certified.

Salaries and wages for life coaches in Canada

Life coaches in Canada earn around 30,000$ per year, depending on your expertise, skills and time. On an hourly basis, many life coaches charge around 12-20$ per hour. In Canada, job opportunities for life coaches have grown by more than 2.5%. In a study conducted in 2014, it was reported that around 8000 life coaches were working in Canada. Becoming a life coach is an incredibly difficult but equally rewarding profession.

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