How to earn money as a life coach?

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Coaching is a profession that focuses on helping others grow personally and professionally. It’s a very challenging yet gratifying profession. Life coaches help others tackle challenges and problems in a healthy way. Because every issue and problem is different, there is a different life coach trained to handle that certain problem. Each life coach has a different skillset and approach to handling any specific issue. From catering to client’s every need to providing guidance, a life coach is capable of helping anyone through any issue. This profession is now quite popular as many people need professional guidance in their lives now more than ever. Therefore, earning as a life coach can be enough if done right.

There are several niches that fall under coaching. Every life coach has to specialize in one of these niches and gain expertise. Every issue falls under a different niche which is why, when deciding to become a life coach, you must specialize in the type of coaching you want to excel in professionally. There is business coaching, financial coaching, career coaching, relationship coaching, sports coaching, wellness coaching, executive coaching, health coaching, recovering coaching and personal life coaching. These different types of coaching combat issues like anxiety, unhealthy lifestyle, relationship issues, divorce, financial instability, depression, addiction and many more. Once you choose the type of coaching you’d want to be trained in, you can move forward and register your business.

The first step to gain recognition as a life coach is to get proper training and get certified. Training and certification is proof of your credentials and credibility. IT definitely boosts your credibility amongst your clients and makes you more trustworthy. Your skills come later. The training you receive as a life coach is supposed to guide you to assist others effectively. Communication skills, ethics, psychology principles, active listening skills, awareness, questioning, reasoning, and business strategies are some areas where every life coach is supposed to cover during training. As a life coach, you need to be mentally, physically and emotionally stable to handle other people’s issues. Getting certified through an accredited program will definitely add to your credibility and help you gain clientele.


Because the market is filled with potential for this kind of work, there are several job opportunities out there for life coaches. Many life coaches, after getting proper certification prefer setting up their business. They start marketing their registered business one step at a time. They also establish an online presence. Some other life coaches prefer working from the comfort of their own home. They set up their office online and help clients online. They offer their coaching services online and reach people beyond borders. This is how they expand their life coaching expertise. They can cater to multiple clients at a time and gain enough money and credit per session. Setting up a website is very easy as you only have to provide your packages, services, and content in exchange for a fee. Different packages for different clients, depending on their needs. This makes it easier for you to narrow down clients according to priority. This can amount to a significant income annually if done right.  Your business gets the awareness, exposure and recognition it deserves as well.

On the contrary, you can also set up speaking gigs to gain recognition and clientele. You can turn your prospects into clients once you start educating your audience about your skills and expertise as a life coach. Engaging with your prospects has a guaranteed way to increase exposure, awareness, and clientele. Speaking directly to your audience, and listening to their concerns can show you’re your capability and skills as a life coach. Find local events and venues where you can participate and engage with the targeted audience. The way you market your coaching expertise matters a lot. It is important to target the right audience, whether its at events or online. Your marketing plan should include social media exposure as everyone is on some social media platform. This increases the chances of your business getting recognition.

Creating a pricing plan for your services should include a lot of thought. You need to decide how much you will charge for every hour or every session based on factors like travel, time, guidance, services covered and equipment if any. Since a life coach is supposed to plan and guide clients accordingly, it requires a lot of time for you as a coach to listen to every concern of your clients. Generally, life coaches charge from 70$ to 1000$ per hour depending on the kind of services and expertise asked for. Whether it’s a side hustle or a full-time job, life coaching can bring in significant income if taken seriously.

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