Neighborhood Connections

Some of us may recall a rural childhood where neighbors getting together with neighbors was a fairly common occurrence. It was not unusual for neighbors to drop by—with or without an invitation—for a short visit or perhaps for an evening of conversation and getting acquainted.  Children played together and families sometimes enjoyed games.  Frequently at some point in the evening a light “lunch” was served, and through the time spent together, connections and friendships were established.

Bblockparty2_lgut perhaps because of the encroachment of technology or the fact that society has become more urbanized, by the last part of the 20th century these informal gatherings typically became less frequent.

In 1984 an annual event called National Night Out began throughout the United States and Canada. This event, held on the first Tuesday of August, is not only a good opportunity to socialize and connect with those in our neighborhoods, but it is meant to increase awareness of police programs, fire protection and other emergency services.  It helps build relationships among citizens and peace officers and others who are there to protect and serve.

Locally the Heart of Hutch and the Hutchinson Police Department will be sponsoring another National Night Out on the 2nd of August where there will be an opportunity for folks to get together to eat, visit, and enjoy various activities,  including visits from emergency personnel who will explain their work.  Please plan to attend and enjoy this event in your neighborhood.  It you are interested in helping to organize a party for your area, please check the Heart of Hutch website at  Also you may call Bonnie Fimon at 320-587-6962, Eric Kilian at 320-234-4483 or Evie Swanson at 320-587-8424 for more details.

We will continue to update our list of National Night Out events.  Here’s our current list for 2016.

National Night Out

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