Online life coaching business 101

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Once considered a dead field. Life coaching business has now been blooming over the past few years. Today’s fast paced life has made room for a lot of coaching in every individual’s life. A life coach helps you unravel your life obstacles and come up with constructive solutions. You can take life coaching as a profession and set up a small online business. Some basic questions that pop up in everyone’s mind are. How to start an online life coaching business? What is the pay like? What are the basic requirements? And how to develop an online business model? Well worry no more. We will address each of these concerns one by one.

Evaluate yourself

Being a life coach is a serious business. And you should think thoroughly before starting a career in it. You would be responsible for advising a lot of people. And that is a huge responsibility. Before taking it up ask yourself the following.

Do you practice compassion as a human being? Do you practice empathy? Can you help people? Can you get your point across digitally?

If the answer to anyone of these is yes, then please don’t waste your time any more. Self-evaluate yourself. Pick a niche and get to work. Take aptitudes tests and see if this career is fit for you. Think of a name that best describes your service and is not wordy. Set your mind to it and start working your way towards it.

Life coaching is generally a well-paid field. You can price your sessions around $100 to $1000. Or you can set your sessions as to whatever you deem appropriate. Your earning depend on how good you are and what type of clientele you get!

Figure out your calling

Not everyone is wired in the same way. Everyone is different. Are you good at solving relationship problem? Or maybe you can provide some insight on health and fitness? Are you a business fanatic? Can help people become better leaders? Do children look up to you? Can you provide career or college counselling?

Try to pick out a niche that you think is suitable for you. You can go for health, relationship, career, student, business, and leadership, corporate or any other thing that you are good at.

An important reason to focus on the niche is, you know your direction. Also you can easily set up your online presence and market it as generalized marketing is not appreciated on the internet.

Get basic credentials for you niche. And take training. Also read up on these and look for short courses to help you.

Starting an online company from scratch

You will be starting a company a company from scratch. To do that you need to figure out some basics. Like the medium through which you will conduct your sessions. Your business model. Your plan and ideas. Name and domain etc. you have already selected your niche by now.

Think of a name that would not be very wordy and simple. Make sure that it’s short and compact. The name should also clearly tell what your business is offering. Vague names are very confusing and does not help promote your business. Especially if it is an online business.

online company from scratch

After naming your business make sure to buy the domain and copy rights. Always get an insurance in that name for a secure future.

Also try to answer what is unique about your business? What are your offerings? Why should people choose you over others? All this will help you drive your business in the right direction. And choose the medium that you would conduct your sessions on. It could be either phone or Skype sessions.

After this select your business model. But make sure to check in with the law of your state. For example if you are based in US. There are six basic types of legal business models.

Some common business models are proprietorship, LLC, partnership and corporation. Each one of them have different legal standings and different laws attached to them.

Online basics

Another important aspects of an online business are the website, domain name, Facebook groups and social media.

A website can work both as a portfolio and assistant. Build a website that is easy to navigate through. We recommend hiring a professional for this job. People can get more information about your business and all the contact details as well. Facebook groups hold the up most importance in the world today. Facebook groups help you build an audience and gain trust of the masses.

Buy a domain. Your domain name should be the same as your business name. This way people can easily find your web page and not be confused.

A carefully curated social media presence is also very important. Keep your accounts updated. Post on them regularly. Use Facebook ads to their full benefit. Also get SEO articles and start a blog so that people can see your credibility.

Trusted clientele

Clients can make or break your business. Building a trusted clientele can be hard and take up a lot of your time. But this would be worth it in the end. A good way to build a clientele is to be compassionate. And trusted so that the client can feel comfortable and keep on coming back to you!

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