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In the world of internet everything is available just a click away. Many things are traded through the ecommerce business module, whether tangible or intangible things, ecommerce businesses are growing rapidly throughout the world. Having said that the coaching industry is rapidly growing and somehow everyone wants to upgrade and work on their self-development. With easy and available ecommerce solution to develop lifecoaching business website such as Shopify, it can help to set up, design, and launch one’s own ecommerce website. Shopify helps to create and customize an online store and without any assistance from any designer or developer.

There are several templates available to set up a comprehensive lifecoaching business ecommerce website. Shopify ecommerce platform enables to engage thousands of customers and it is a groundbreaking platform to enhance business and generate revenue.

Lifecoaching courses helps and augments personal development and helps to find the latent talent. These courses are not only restricted to personal development but also improves set of skills which may be required in our professional careers. Before setting up business of life coaching, ensuring authenticity and originality of content is important.

By using the ecommerce tool shopify lifecoaching business website setup becomes easier. There is huge market in USA, United Kingdom, Australia and India that set up businesses through shopify. Lifecoaching is now becoming an integral business since it involves setting a successful roadmap for individuals and groups to enhance their professional and personal development.

It is to be noted that everyone is connected through internet and many individuals and groups want to join a positive and product lifecoaching modules for their self-development. Session duration can vary according to the training module selected and it can be priced accordingly.

There are two major groups of coaching.

  1. Individual coaching: This includes private training programs that individuals can opt for on their own expense. Individual coaching modules can vary from personal training to mentorship programs. This coaching module includes one to one interaction with the trainer or mentor.
  1. Team coaching: Where a group of people are taking a similar module/program. Sometimes provided by the training department of corporate firms and any individual can join these team coaching privately. The advantage is building a positive network of similar individuals who are looking forward to the same program.

Below are few major types of lifecoaching programs:

  • Professional coaching: Management skills, communication and interaction improvement, enhancing business acumen, first time managers, risk management, team management, pressure handling and financial controls. The span of professional coaching is vast as it includes from individuals and large corporates teams and departments
  • Personal training: Mind-training, physical training, personal empowerment, memory improvement and focus related, relationship improvement.
  • Education and career path related: Which profession to choose, finding out the hidden talent, pursing the passion, being steadfast and consistent.

After identifying the correct niche and forte for the life coaching ecommerce business it becomes easier to convert the business plan into action by using the shopify ecommerce tool. It is very easy to manage the business by using one window dashboards and analytics.

When setting up the life coaching business website, shopify application will help in managing business in four aspects.

  1. Orders: This will help in managing customer data and customer trends. With this, it is easier to manage which coaching lessons are being taken the most.
  1. Payments: All credit cards are accepted, and many payments gateways are integrated
  1. Analytics and Reports: This is the most important aspect of any business. This will help in analyzing customer trends, activity, and business performance. Reports regarding business revenue generations and sales. These tools are simple and easy to use.
  1. Dashboards: Shopify provides mobile apps for remote access and staff accounts for employees to use tools and data.

By setting up a vigorous and interactive lifecoaching website, one can reach out to millions of individuals and groups. The pricing plan for setting up a lifecoaching website using shopify is easy and divided into three plans. There is also a 14 days free trial plan.

The three plans are:

  1. Basic shopify: This includes most of the basic option to setup a new business, which costs around USD $29.00/month. It has features such as online store, unlimited products, 2 staff accounts, 24/7 tech support, sales channel, manual orders, discount codes, free SSL certificate and abandoned cart recovery. Shipping discounts upto 64% and print labels. Also, fraud analysis, and other payment related options and point of sale options
  2. Shopify: includes all basic option and some more such as 5 staff accounts, gift cards professional reports, shipping discounts up to 72%, register shifts and unlimited shopify POS staff PINs. This option cost around USD $79.00/month
  3. Advance shopify: Cost around USD $299/month and further features such as advance reporting, third party shipping rates, 15 staff accounts, and lower shopify payment rates.

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