Simplifying Your Marketing on Shopify

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Without a doubt, e-commerce marketing strategies are very important in promoting businesses in the modern world. Here are a number of practical strategies you can use successfully when marketing on Shopify.

  1. Press Releases

You can easily make your online Shopify store successful in a very short time. One way of achieving this is to take advantage of media publicity. Indeed, certain brands need just one good media pitch to reach the desired income targets. You can use press releases to get your shop out there. Remember that, often journalists flock to such websites for news sources. If you are fortunate, they can feature information relating to your business. Ensure you introduce your store with a clever twist to pique real interest in your store.

  1. News Websites

Some store owners find the business of writing and submitting press releases to be hectic. There is, however, a way around this. You can always directly visit the news websites of the media.  Before doing this, however, ensure that you have interesting information to share. If not, you risk being ignored as the newsmen look elsewhere for more interesting sources.

  1. Traditional Media

Traditional media offers you a wonderful opportunity to succeed within a relatively short time. There is a downside to this, however. It can be very costly to do this. The good news is that if you succeed to use this method, the returns can be sweet. If you get only one good exposure, your Shopify business can be instantly promoted, leading to high profitability. Ensure that you consider having a good budget for this.

  1. Print Publications

Another way of marketing your Shopify business is to try using the print media. To get started just find a few magazines or newspapers that feature your niche. Request the publishers of such products to include your Shopify store in their future issues. All this will cost you some money since you will have to foot advertising costs. The good thing is that this is a great way to make your shop known among the thousands of readers who subscribe to such publications. Ultimately, this can lead to more people trooping to your store.

       5. Referrals

Of course, one of the fastest methods to promote your Shopify business is building a unique Shopify Affiliate Program. The great thing about offering a referral program is that you will have to pay these users only after they succeed to make a sale.  This kind of tactic is also known as marketing by word of mouth. Indeed, this is today among the fastest ways anyone can use to grow traffic.

  1. Facebook Shop

You may also set up a Facebook page. After doing so, make sure you set up your shop using this platform. Many businesses have successfully done this just using the Facebook platform. What precipitated this success? The reason is simple: Great markets exist on Facebook. All they are waiting for is someone to reach them. This is all so good if you are a businessman.  Take advantage of it.

  1. Facebook Groups

Are you a member of a Facebook group? Do you need to create one? Anyone who already has a Shopify store doesn’t really need to create a Facebook group. All you need to do is to start promoting your store aggressively. And the best place to do this would be on a Facebook page. Start posting right way, in a group of your choice, whose interests resonate with your business interest. Make sure you post relevant information regularly to promote your store.

  1. Facebook Stories

You have other fora as well to use on Facebook. You can use those updates that have limited time featured on Facebook messenger. And the possibilities are many. You can create short videos or pictures to display specific items in your store and post them here. By the end of 24 hours, when these are deleted, the job will be done. You’ll likely reap big from this endeavor.

  1. Pinterest

Of all places, a Pinterest board is pretty wonderful as a great forum to post product pictures. This forum has remarkable power to drive leads to your Shopify store. You only need to learn the right way to do it well. Go ahead and build the right board that will be able to attract leads. Ensure you make use of great, enticing pictures that will be irresistible.

  1. Instagram Store

 Are you able to successfully set up shop on the Facebook platform? Certainly, this can also work on Instagram as well. Believe it, Instagram is today home to more than one million stores operating online.  A close study of the platform also reveals that this is a highly engaged and vibrant market with high conversions.

  1. Blogging

 Anyone working with the internet today cannot realize full potential without factoring in blogging. Indeed, you cannot maximize your income fully without first creating a blog. As some say, content is the lifeblood of the internet. Once you embrace blogging, you’ll not just provide your customers with what they need. You will be able to give them the kind of content that they can readily consume and benefit from.

  1. Reddit

Reddit can be said to be one of those platforms that have proven their worth over time. Here, you can interact with millions of enthusiastic people who can easily be potential customers. You can readily tap into this goldmine for marketing your Shopify business.

  1. YouTube

This is one hugely dominating behemoth. At least one billion subscribers can be found here. As regards marketing on social platforms, the video has become king of the trade, ever growing in popularity and power. Even if you wanted a live option using YouTube, you could get it. All these tools can be used for successfully marketing business in Shopify.


In case you are running a smaller or larger business in a Shopify store, you will find that some of the strategies listed above will definitely work for you. Use these strategies to market your Shopify business and get ahead of the pack.

by Jennifer C.

by Jennifer C.

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