What kind of life coach do you want to become?

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Coaching is a very rewarding and huge field. It’s a huge umbrella that has various niches to excel in. Different challenges call for different professionals.  Different problems require different solutions and every professional coach has the capacity to help out their clients the way they need to be helped. Every coach is trained with such Excellency and strength, so they can further help clients out with their expertise and services.  If you like helping out others, love challenging yourself, enjoy boosting other people’s confidence and want to grow personally and professionally, then you’re the right person to become a life coach.

Once, known as an unconventional field, this profession is now becoming more and more widespread as people need help now more than ever. You might have seen life coaches promoting their services and expertise on different social media platforms. There is real potential for this type of work in the market as now, more than ever, people need guidance and help to grow personally and professionally. Because coaching covers all aspects of one’s life issues, it’s important to know the areas you can specialize in. While one coach can help you figure out your career choices, the other can help you make personal decisions and help you deal with stress. The first thing you need to do is figure out where you want to specialize in this profession and how you want to help people. There are many different types of life coaching available such as:

coaching available

  • Career coaching: Whether you’ve just completed your degree or want to change your career, a career coach will definitely guide you in looking resume-building, choosing career options, finding interests and meeting professional requirements.
  • Business coaching: This type of coaching is perfect for people who want to become better at what they do and outshine themselves. A business coach helps in boosting their client’s confidence in achieving goals and building a reputation at work.
  • Relationship coaching: This type of coaching covers 2 things. Dating and divorce. A dating coach will help you find someone suitable for you and also guide you on how to deal with issues while dating. A divorce coach will help you make decisions during the divorce process and help you move on.
  • Financial coaching: Many people face financial instability. A financial coach helps you in making the right decisions regarding your money. They also help in budgeting, planning and saving your money.
  • Health coaching: A health coach guides you into making healthier life choices. Your body, your weight, your lifestyle, everything is taken care of through a health coach. They prioritize your nutritional intake and health.
  • Recovering coaching: This coaching helps others in recovering from any kind of addiction. Mainly alcohol addiction. Recovering coaching helps others in staying sober and getting better and also in living a clean and restrained life. A recovering coach can be your biggest support in times like these.
  • Sports coaching: A Sports coach helps you in developing and maintaining your skills and ability. From taking care of your physical health to mental wellness, a sports coach trains you to explore your full potential in any sport.
  • Business coaching: A business coach helps you make the right corporate decisions. From planning to make successful decisions, a business coach can guide you on the path or direction you need to follow next.
  • Wellness coaching: This coach helps in providing you the knowledge, push and tools to maintain a certain lifestyle and a healthy routine. They help you to maintain work-life balance around the clock.
  • Personal life coaching: This kind of coach provides stress management coaching. They help you in dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, and pressure. They provide healthy ways of dealing with such issues.

Once you’ve figured out which one of these types of coaching you want to specialize in, you can move one step forward to become a life coach!

The next step is to complete training and acquire certification. Helping people in different areas is a huge responsibility and you need to be mentally, emotionally and physically trained to help others face their own issues. You need to be able to communicate effectively, learn basic principles of psychology, know basic ethics of coaching and pass other assessments to get certified through an accredited program. Getting a professional certification as a certified coach is a plus point as it helps in gaining clientele.

You can then register your business, create a marketing plan and establish an online presence as well. Through social media exposure, your business can bring in a lot of clients and a lot of experience for you to handle.  You will then create a pricing plan for your services.  Life coaches generally charge at least 70$ to 1000$ per session depending on their skills and services. They take in a lot of factors while pricing, such as travel, time, session, equipment, services, etc.

Becoming a life coach is an incredibly difficult but equally rewarding profession.

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by Jennifer C.

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