Your complete guide on how to become a life coach!

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A professionally trained person to help you figure out a life goal and then work towards it is called a life coach. A life coach teaches you to look at the bigger picture. And to keep your life in order. Life coach was once considered a useless profession. People used to consider going to them a waste of money and time. But times have now changed. Life coaches are a very important part of today’s fast paced life. And that is precisely why you should take it up as a profession. Some common questions that people ask about this profession are. What different types are there? How to become a life coach? How long does it take to become one? Does it involve an aptitude test and what are the basic requirements? In this article, we will address all these concerns one by one!

As you might have guessed by now. Life coaching is a vast field. And is then divided into many niches. That means you can choose what type of life coach you want to be. Each person can decide what they want to specialize in. You can be a life coach for differently abled kids. The main job of yours would be to transform yourself into someone trustworthy. So that kids can confide in you and so that you can help them through the obstacles of life.

You can also become a business coach. You can advise people on their business strategies, on what departments to invest. And even on the type of business that they should pursue. You can opt to be a business leadership coach. This is for companies that want to take their business to another level. You can hold leadership conferences. That would help managers and employees in general become more productive. And also nurture their capabilities. Another very successful niche of coaching is career coaching. Students and graduates both are usually confused as to what career is best for them. They both need a shove in the right direction and that is where you come in. You know exactly how overwhelming job search can be and how much toll it takes on a person. You can push them in the right direction and watch their careers bloom.

Relationship coaching. Another important aspect where people need coaching is this. We all know someone who is shy and cannot approach the other gender. You can offer valuable insight on how to talk and find their soul mate. People having trouble in their relationship or marriage can also approach you. Even people who are going through a messy divorce or a breakup can take help from you. Your expertise can help people save their relationships and even themselves. Health coaching. Many people need help with their health and how to stay in top notch condition. Balance is the most important in life and people often forget that. You need to remind people of this and keep them on the right track. Other than these you can opt for any kind of coaching that speaks out to you. And you think you might be good at.

Let’s move on to how you can become a life coach.  You don’t need any specific degree or an educational background. You must however take certifications or short courses offered so that you can be classified as a professional. Here is a step by guide on how you can be a professional:


  • To become a life coach you first need to decide what niche you want to specialize. You can choose one from the list above. Or a simple Google search can give you a lot of other options as well.
  • Like any other profession you then need to enroll yourself in a life coaching program. From there you can polish you skills and get your certification.
  • Also you should take some training and work with an already established coach. So that you can gain experience.
  • Set up your business. Get a license and develop your online presence. In today’s day and age online presence is of up most importance.
  • After this, make sure to get yourself insured.
  • Price your services at a competitive rate.
  • And don’t forget to keep on learning and educating yourself continuously.

A standard training for life coaching takes about 2 years in the Canada and US. And the cost of these courses ranges from USD 1500 to USD 2000. Other than that time to set up your business can vary according to your expertise. All this also depends on your learning capabilities. If you are a fast learner then it might take you less time. You can also take an aptitude test from critereacrop Canada to see if this is a suitable career path for you.

One thing that everyone must keep in mind before taking up this profession is that please remember to be compassionate. And practice empathy so that you can promote the good in this world. Be humble so that people can confide in you comfortably!

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