Your ultimate guide to life coaching certifications in Canada!

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Life coaching is a fairly popular profession in Canada. You can describe life coaching as a relationship between client and a coach. That helps the client discover their obstacles and make way around them. To become a life coach you need life experience and empathy for mankind. You can also train to become a life coach. Canada in particular offers a variety of courses both beginner and advance level to help polish your skills. You can enroll according to your expertise. Certifications for general life coaching, holistic and spiritual life coaching are also offered in many institutes.

Many different programs both according to the expertise level and duration are offered now a days. You can select whatever you deem fit for yourself. You can also train yourself in any one niche of life coaching. You can either take up general life coaching and then select what you think is best for you. Or just train in any of the specialized program.

Another important thing is to decide what you are more interested in. Some people are interested in spiritual coaching. And want to get certifications for that. Other people specialize in worldly matters like career, relationship, business etc.

All of these courses are offered in different durations. You can enroll yourself in a 2 or 3 day work shop. Or you can take long 2 years certifications. All of these courses also vary in cost. You can get certifications for as low as $800. And they go all the way up to $8000 dollars.

However getting a certification is not really important for life coaching according to the law of Canada. But being a life coach is a huge responsibility. And like every other thing in life you should prepare yourself for it. Taking certifications will help you gain real time experience. As most institutes go the practical route rather than the traditional route of learning. You won’t be bombarded in text books or notes. You would be taught practically. This will help you come across many situations that you might find yourself in real life. Certifications, seminars, courses are all designed in a way to give you maximum exposure. They will polish your skills and train you for the tough world out there.

Before joining any certification keep in mind that the most important quality of a life coach is empathy. Any person who does not practice empathy is not fit for this profession. People need someone trustworthy to confide in. They need someone they can trust. Someone who would help them get out of sticky situations. And help them turn their life around.

These certifications are offered at ICF. They offer three level credentials. And all information is available on their website. Another famous institute is CFF. They offer courses in many parts of Canada. Many other institutes are also offering such courses. All these courses focus on professional as well as personal growth.

General life coaching certifications

Before joining a general life coaching you need to find your true calling. You need to figure out what you are good at. You can select form a long list of niche. You can be a heath, business, career, relationship, leadership, executive, student, wellness or any other type of coach. There are multiple aptitude tests available all over Canada to help you figure out your niche. A simple Google search will locate the nearest aptitude center for you.

After you have decided on the niche. You need to evaluate the duration of your course. Some people are fast learners and can learn the concepts faster than the next person. For such people a small two day workshop will be beneficial. But if you need time to grasp on the concepts and you need to learn with first-hand experience. Then you should definitely opt for longer duration courses. These courses not only help you clear out your concept but also let you experiment with different situations.

All these long duration courses would cost you $900 to $1500. But this is a good investment because life coaching makes a lot of money. Sessions are priced at $100 usually. And they earn $35,000 to $50,000 annually.

Spiritual/Holistic Life Coaching

Holistic coaching is wellness coaching. Many people are unable to find a good balance in their life. They are confused and indecisive and are always tired. Such people end up in a rut and cannot figure out anything related to their life. Holistic coaches are supposed to help such people and pull them out of the abyss of life. They teach people how to maintain a healthy balance in life.

When you go for holistic coaching certifications you not only learn how to help others but also how to connect with your inner self. Your body develops a healthy connection with your mind. And that puts your soul at ease.

Like the other life coaching. You can also find different certifications for holistic coaching. They are offered in small and long durations with different fee structures.

These certifications cost around $1500 to $8000. But again this is a good investment. Because you get to connect with your soul and also make a healthy living.

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